Notre Dame: A Huge Loss

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Apr 17, 2019 23:52
This morning, while I was watching the damage caused by the fire to Notre Dame on TV, the news presenter said that the French Prime Minister had promised to rebuild the cathedral within five years. Although Macron had asked French people to support financially the Notre Dame’s reconstruction, this support might not be needed because, in just 24 hours, four multimillionaires have donated 600 million Euros. Now I am wondering, why do those well-off people who have so much money not support financially organisations trying to tackle crucial problems such as climate change or making the world a fairer place?

Do not misunderstand me; I am not saying that Notre Dame does not have to be rebuilt. On the contrary, Notre Dame is an incomparable architectural jewel and every effort should be done for this cathedral to be rebuilt. However, once Notre Dame is rebuilt, will this cathedral have the same historic value as it had? I do not think so. I have listened to experts saying how Notre Dame should or shouldn’t be reconstructed. First of all, Notre Dame has to be assessed and doing this might take about 6 months. Not until this assessment is carried out, will the cost and the time that the reconstruction will take be learnt. 600 million Euros and 5 years might or mightn’t be enough. Architects and safety experts have said that instead of using the original materials, other safer and technologically more advance should be used so as to prevent fires in the future. If it is so how Notre Dame’s reconstruction is going to be carried out, Notre Dame will no longer be the cathedral that one day was but its improved 2.0 version. When visiting Notre Dame again, visitors may not realise of the changes made. However, where will the wooden roofs and the imposing spire of the 12th century be?

When I was about to finish writing this article, I leant that the amount of money collected to rebuild Notre Dame had already reached 880 million Euros. Now, it seems that there is controversy about whether the people donating money to rebuild Notre Dame might be more interested in paying less tax as a result of this donation than in the reconstruction itself.