‘Tell Me How It Happened’

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Feb 17, 2018 18:10
When back in 2001 the first chapter of this TV series was broadcasted, very few people might imagine what a huge success it would become. In fact, ‘Tell Me How It Happened’ was not only successful at that time but it has continued being it up to now. If you want to learn about what sets this TV series apart from the rest, keep reading.

‘Tell Me How It Happened’ is about a typical Spanish family who live in a humble neighbourhood of Madrid in 1968. There are the husband, who works in a printing shop, the wife, who as it was the norm then is a housewife, three children, the youngest of whom is the narrator of the story, and of course, the omnipresent grandmother. What this TV series has that makes it so special is that everything that happens in it has happened to every Spanish person at one point of their life or another. Everybody lived and even nowadays still live in a flat like the Alcantara’s, the protagonists. Everybody has had a couch like theirs or the same painting above it. Everybody has had their meals in the same way that they did; same discussions, same problems and same joys. The Alcantara have lived the most turbulent years of the Spanish recent history and by watching them, we can remember it as it was yesterday. In every chapter viewers get touched by both, the events that this family have gone through and remembering that they have also lived them. The protagonists are amazingly interpreted by some of the most popular Spanish actors who thanks to this TV series have become to form part of our life. So much so that now they are known by their names in the TV series instead of their real name.

In a nutshell, although I have enjoyed greatly watching this TV series and for this reason I think that deserves being watched, I stopped watching it after the first five seasons. In my opinion, at first it was something new, something fresh, like open an old photo album, but then I decided that I have had enough. Producers of TV series have to learn that nothing lasts forever and that TV series have to have an end.