‘Globalisation – Good News or Bad?’

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Feb 9, 2018 19:14
Globalisation has lately been thought to be the solution for all the problems in the world though many people believe that it is doing completely the opposite and blame globalization for bringing to light some problems that had been eradicated and creating new ones. So, the debate is served, is it better to live as a global village or to leave things as they were?

When you come to think of it, globalisation has always wanted to make the world small. By doing so, people from developing countries have travelled to developed ones and, in many cases, made their dreams come true. Similarly, people and organisations of developed countries have gone to help countries suffering natural disasters and humanitarian crisis. Nowadays, people, regardless their ethnicity, religion or nationality, are seen living in the same cities, something that in the past was completely unthinkable. The internet has contributed a lot to globalisation by breaking down barriers and building bridges. The internet has allowed everybody to express their views from all corners of the globe. Last but not least, the people interest in learning English is higher than ever before since it let them communicate with each other easier and faster; a world completely connected.

However, in the clear light of day, globalisation has not been as good as at first sight it seemed. As a result of massive population movements, many people have lost their lives in the attempt and the ones who have achieved it have discovered that their destinations are far from being what they have waited. Globalisation has also implied vast areas of the planet becoming uninhabited and as a consequence of which ancient cultures dying out. Regarding the internet, letting everybody express their ideas has turned out to be that radical groups have spread extremist ideas resulting in people who have nothing to do with fighting in wars or carrying terrorist attacks. As for speaking a common language, it might not be such a good idea since this interest in learning English started, many languages have disappeared and with them their cultural heritage.

All in all, globalisation as a whole is a good tool to transform the world into a fairer place. However, we have to think of it thoroughly before taking further steps to achieve it because it might mean losing the great cultural richness that we have had and to my mind, we would end up regretting it.