Japanese TV Commercial ("au" 秋のトビラ。鬼退治)

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Feb 27, 2016 13:31 日本のテレビCM
Are there people who are studying Japanese, but haven't got enough studying materials to improve their listening skills?

Today, I want to share my favorite TV commercials that can be useful for people who are learning Japanese.

"A.U." is a mobile phone company in Japan.

They started a series of their TV commercial themed with "新しいau(reinovated 'A.U.')."

Since "A.U." is read the same way as "英雄(えいゆう : hero)" in Japanese, there are some heroes of Japanese folk tales appear in their commercial.

However, the stories are very different from the original because the theme is "reinnovation."

They have already made many commercial films of this series, and this one is my favorite.

こぐま: 本当に行くの?二人に言わなくていいの?
Bear cub: Are you really going? Don't you want to tell this to that two boys?

金太郎: うん。
Kintaro: No.

こぐま: 桃ちゃんは鬼退治したことあるんでしょう?
Bear cub: Momotaro has experience of fighting with ogre, right?

金太郎: 桃ちゃんには、今は守んなきゃいけない人がいるから。
Kintaro: He has a woman who he has to protect.

こぐま: 浦ちゃんは?
Bear cub: How about Ura-chan*? (*Taro Urashima)

金太郎: 浦ちゃんは普通の漁師だし... ああ見えてケンカとか嫌いだから。
Kintaro: Ura-chan is no more than an ordinary fisherman. Despite his appearance, he doesn't like fighting.

こぐま: でも友達でしょ?
Bear cub: But they are your friends.

金太郎: 大事な友達だから…
Kintaro: Yes, they are my precious friends, so...

金太郎: 行ってくるよ。鬼退治。
Kintaro: I'm going alone to defeat the ogre.

桃太郎: どこ行くんだよ?
Momotaro: Where are you going?

浦ちゃん: 漁師なめんなよ。
Ura-chan: Don't underrate fishermen.

桃太郎: 鬼退治なら俺でしょ?
Momotaro: Who else you can trust when you go fighting with ogre?

金太郎: でも、ダメだって
Kintaro: But, I can't.

桃太郎: 友達だろう?
Momotaro: We are friends, you know?

浦ちゃん: だろ?よっしゃ、行こー!!
Ura-chan: You know it. Okay, let's go!!

金太郎: 僕には自由な友がいる。
Kintaro (voice over): I have friends with free minds.

★I like this commercial because (1) the bear cub is too cute (2) after watching this one, the next episode is really funny. ^_^

(They went to the island that ogre lives, but the ogre that Kintaro was trying to defeat was actually a Momotaro's friend. Kintaro and Ura-chan became friends with the ogre while they were being bewildered.)

★I think the way those young people talk sounds cute and fun. ^ ^