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Dec 18, 2014 22:18
There's a thing I'm always wondering about; Why people in groups take it important to spend much time on something trivial.

What would you do when your work of the day is done but your co-workers' haven't? As for me, to be honest, I'd like to leave office as soon as my work is done.
But I can't. Why? The reason is everyone is here.

I think people, including me, put too much value on accord theirselves to others. Especially, when the superior is still working in the office, it's difficult to leave.
Most people feel this but don't say this explicitly, for we're not paid for the overtime. However it's true there's people who stop their co-workers to leave, saying "Stay and look at what I'm doing. It's idol to leave office even though your superior is working."

After we wait for their work done (This cannot help taking too much time! They spend time chatting.), we go drinking. It continues into the late at night. Sometimes I don't feel like joining it, but I should do so because people around me say, "Learn from your superiors and go drinking everywhen you're invited. Communication out of office is important."

That's why I have to stay at the office quite late at night every day. I'm getting tired day by day.
Do I care too much about the situation? Can I do what I want as long as I get my job done adequately?
or Are the people around me true? Is it better to stay into the night, waiting for and looking at the superior's job?

It may sound Japanese workers' usual situation. Sorry for reading my complaint.

May happy things come to everyone.