Tiger.我有2猫,Luigi和Tiger 。

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Aug 17, 2019 04:06
Tiger.我有2猫,Luigi和Tiger 。今天我想描述Tiger。它很胖的,而且它总喜欢吃。虽然我觉得Tiger 可能淘气,但我觉得 Luigi 淘气更经常。 Tiger喜欢搂抱跟我的腿。有时我落下,因为它想跟我的退搂抱。 它不知道如何胖的它很。
I have two cats, Luigi and Tiger. Today I want to describe Tiger. He is very fat and always likes to eat. Although Tiger can be naughty, I think Luigi is naughtier. Tiger likes to cuddle with my legs. Sometimes I fall because he wants to cuddle with my legs. He doesn't know how fat he is.
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