Means of transport

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Nov 29, 2014 22:55
Means of transport

When you travel to a new city, you hope to find different means of transport to get to different places that you need to reach. If you come to Badajoz, you’ll find different public transports like buses, trains, taxis and planes. You have also bikes to rent if you want to use a healthy mean of transport. There is a public transport that I don’t recommend to anybody because I think it’s de slowest mean in the world, I talk about the train. I know that trains are more comfortable than buses because you can walk inside it and you have more space to move. But this train, stops in all stations, it’s something terrible! If you want to travel by plain, you’ll have some problems to do it because the airport is most of the time closed and when it is open, the prices are excessive.You’ll have to move to the closest airport, that is to say, Sevilla or Lisboa.

Public transport is today a big option of travelling, however it has a lot of disadvantages. On the one hand, public transport has many advantages, for example, it is cheap because you don’t have to pay the fuel or the things that public transports needs. Another advantage is that the public transport pollutes less than a private car. On the other hand, disadvantages are, for example, you depend on a timetable. Furthermore buses are very slow and you may arrive late. In my opinion public transport has got more advantages than disadvantages.

If you live in Badajoz, you won’t need to set off two hours before your job begins because you won’t find traffic jams here. Badajoz is smaller than Sevilla or other cities like Valladolid, Burgos and so on…It will take you only thirty minutes to get to the longest place inside our city.

On the other hand, Badajoz is a safe city, there aren´t many accidents here because we don’t have a lot of traffic, besides there are many speed cameras and speed limit signals on the roads to avoid them.

Finally, if you have any doubt, I’d recommend the best mean of transport of all, to go on foot.
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