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May 5, 2012 02:39 life
Oh... After so long time I decided to return here. Not as if I have enough of time to write here recently. But now it is necessary for me to practice both English and Japanese as much as I can. To knew new words and to put in order my thoughts. Because without it my way of speaking is kind of poor and slow. I'am thinking too much about what should I say, how should I say and what I want to say in general. Aha, I want to speak fluent and natural.
Well the Japanese is more difficult problem. Because I need to learn more of kanji, but they just don't want to stuck in my head. X__x
All I want to say: only after this long I am really understood how nessesary permanent practice is. I'm no this stupid, I'am just too busy >__<
O, where I can get the time to do all the things I want to do and I must to do?
Anyway, I'll try to writing and reading as much as I can. Wish me good luck!