"Gimjang" : Kimchi making for winter.

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Dec 14, 2010 16:29
Last weekend, I helped my mother with making Kimchi for winter season. Normally, we make lots of Kimchi for winter season and we call it "Gimjang".
This time my mother bought 35 Chinese cabbages for Gimjang.

There are three steps of procedure for making Kimchi for winter season. First, cut a every single of the big size of cabbages in 2 pieces and then sprinkle solt on it. Second, after the cabagges are pickled in salt, you should rinse the cabbages two or three times with fresh water. You should cut the cabbages in 2 pieces again while you rinse it. And then put it on the colander to drain completely. It will take more than 10 hours.
Meanwhile, you should prepare chili condiment while the water in the preserved cabbaged is drained. The ingredients for chili condiment is as follows. Red chili powder, salt, salted fish sauce, minced garlics, raddishs(sliced), spring onions(sliced), fresh shrimps(minced)..etc, etc. Mix it well together.
Next is the last step of the making Kimchi. The preserved cabaggeds must be prepared, you should put the red chili condiment into the preserved cabagges.

It is not easy work actually. I don`t like to make Kimchi, especially during winter season. It`s too cold to rinse cabbages in the outside of the house.(We should do this process in outside of the house. Because there are lots of cabbages.) However, my Mom is my boss, so I have to be a good girl to survive during winter time.
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