My favorite Korean super hero movies

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Dec 6, 2010 19:14

This movie, titled "Arahan" was released in 2004.
It`s really cool and hilarious. I really like this movie.
'SangHwan' is a police officer. But he is not smart as well as chicken hearted.
One day, he accidentally met a girl while he chased a pickpocket. The girl was going to do a special technique of martial art, called "Jang-Poong", to get a pickpocket. However her special martial art hurt SangHwan by mistake.

SangHwan was fascinated with the power of "Jang-poong". He believed that if he could do it, he would be a better cop and he would never be slighted. But the master said that SanHwan should control his temper first and then he could learn other things like "Jang-poong".
SanHwan was in a fidget to learn the special technique; 'How much do I have to wait to learn it?'
He didn`t realized what his real power was yet.

The title of this movie is "wizard Jeonwoochi".
This movie opened early this year.
It`s really fun and hilarious. Jeonwoochi was a mischievous young wizard. He was a sort of trouble maker, even though he did good deeds like catching devils. His master was always concerned about him.
Meanwhile, great wizards were considering how to handle the happening due to the 'legendary flute'. It had a magical power, so if devil got this flute, the world would be destroyed by the devil. Great wizards decided that they split the flute up in two parts to avoid that.
Unfortunately, one part of the flutes was disappeared and everybody thought that Jeonwoochi stole it. He and his dog has been sealed on the magical picture as a punishment for around 500 years.
I was rolling around laughing out because of a funny supporting role. It was(actually, 'he' was) a Jeonwoochi`s dog. Young wizard Jeonwoochi had a dog. It(?) was supposed to be a dog, but the dog pretended a person in disguise.