My favorite Japanese movie, "Kamome Shokudou".

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Dec 1, 2010 16:03
I can`t speak in Japanese. I know only a couple of Japanese words like "たま-ねぎ", "べん-とう" etc, and I know only pronunciations of the words.

Even though I don`t know this language, I really like this Japanese movie, titled "Kamome Shokudou". This movie calms me down as well as makes me have appetite. I watched the movie by chance during the Korean Thanksgiving holiday. At that time, I was tired after I helped my mother preparing memorial ceremony - Korean people have a memorial ceremony for their ancestors during traditional holiday. I stayed at home alone after the memorial ceremony while my family members went to cemetery of ancestors. I was bored, so I was looking for some movie titles on the list of the movie site in the internet. I found a strange name. "What is Kamome?" I read a movie review regarding the movie and then had interest in the movie.

In the movie, there are no brawling events, no gorgeous person who falls in love with you in your dream. The only things you may be interested in are foods; Japanese rice ball, grilled salmon stake, cinnamon roll and coffee.
The atmosphere of this movie is just clam and simple. The woman in the movie runs a small Japanese restaurant in Finland. At the begging of the movie, there were no customer at the restaurant. She was alone and some Finlanders laughed at her. One day, one Finlander guy came to the restaurant and the owner gave him a cup of coffee on the house.
The owner met other women who came from Japan. Every one had issues regarding their life. They never talked about that in detail but, they respected and embraced other`s lifes.
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