Happy Chitchat With My friends

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Apr 26, 2013 06:26
Last night I went to bed lately not because of my work but the message from my old friend from Taiwan.
Have ever I talked my gangs who I met them in the Philippines in 2009?
Including me, 8 friends were always together during the English school in the Philippines.
We came apart since we moved out to other country to keep study English after three months.

After we came back to Korea, we have caught up from time to time.
However, the Taiwanese guy did't make it because he lives in Taiwan.

Yesterday, we had a chat via the instant messenger on the smart phone.
(We often talk each other using the messenger App on the smart phone.)
Suddenly, the Taiwanese guy entered the chatting room. One of my gang informed him
the smart phone application while we were talking each other, and he downloaded the program
to talk with us.
Eventually, all of my friends meet together! It's almost 3 years since we had a crazy farewell party
last time.

I felt some kinda of nostalgia.
I was really happy for the reunion.
I was not the same person anymore who had a great future plan and believed that I was pretty though. Ha Ha.
Hopefully, we will have a party again like the time in 2009.
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