Travel to Taiwan!

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Sep 30, 2013 22:59
I traveled to Taiwan during last Korean thanks giving day.

Everything was interesting to me since It was first time to go to the country.
I enjoyed Taiwanese food. Everything was so good.

Unfortunately, the weather condition was not perfect even though I preyed it will be
perfect find weather during my travel.
It was heavy raining when I went to the Sun Moon Lake. I expected I could take a walk around the beautiful lake though.
The only things made me happy were steamed egg with soy sauce and fried vegetable dumpling. Oh, Taiwanese sausage was really delicious too!
In the end, I fell in love the place because I could experience the abundant of flavor or
the food. Of course the scenery was beautiful too.

I stayed at my Taiwanese friend's house who I met in the English school in the Philippines for 4 years ago.
Although I have't met him for 4 years it was like just yesterday we parted .
I thought I was lucky.

I hope I could go over there again next time.

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