Practice For The Speaking Test

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Oct 31, 2012 11:38
This is a question from the text book for the TOEIC Speakig Test.

<Which do you think is the better idea? Why? Some parents think that
home-schooling through the use of computers is better than going to
school every day. Give specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.>

My answer is mentioned below :

In my personal opinion, parents should make their children go to school everyday
rather than have home-schooling using computers.

There are some reasons. First, it is essential that children have to learn how to adjust themselves to the real society as mature adults and school is a good way to learn it. I believe that children could be acquainted with the situation surrounding age peers while their activities for study. Second, I think the other ways such as home-schooling or enrolling alternative school are not quite effective for every students. It would be helpful to some children but it couldn`t be a great way for everyone. I heard it from my colleagues saying that the unexpected side effect if students go to the alternative schools. They might have a biased attitude for our society or they could be isolated from the society, not for everyone`s case though. It is only my colleagues` opinion, but I also agree with their thoughts.

For the reasons, I`d like to choose going school everyday as better way for children instead of home-schooling.