A Morning Stroll On The Beach

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Oct 22, 2012 15:34
My friends and I stayed in a lodge at the Songjeong beach for a night.
We had a great time talking without pause because it has been a quite long time since we met last time.

Early the next morning, I took a walk browsing around the beach while all of my gang were still sleeping. (We went to bed around 4 a.m.)
I was relaxing while siting at a bench after I bought a cup of cafe latte at a street vendor. The atmosphere of the morning beach was good. I took some pictures and then went to a gazebo at the end of the beach. I would had regret if I had not gone there because I really enjoyed the beautiful scenery around the place.

I love to have a stroll in the morning. It would be alright even if the place is not beach. I like roaming freely in the park and street either.

"Where are you? we should eat breakfast now!"
A message poped up from my phone. I went back to the lodge where my friends
were waiting me.
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