A Friends Reunion

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Oct 18, 2012 23:21
"I might be late on Saturday due to my work. I couldn`t get even a train tiket yet!"
A message from her popped up through KaKao Talk and then everyone in a chat room
send messages at the same time saying like that "we will wait for you. You should
book tickets in advance!"

Last month, my friends and I, we planned to have a reunion. My friends who live other cities will come to my hometown, Busan in which they will stay for a day.

All of us met in an English school in the Philippines 3 years ago. We did everything together during the summer.
After two months, We parted company moving to other countries to keep study English. I was planning to move to Canada, and one of my friend was supposed to go to the U.K while some were going to Australia or New Zealand.

At the last moment, we gave a word that we will meet up again when we come back to Korea. We also made a plan visiting Taiwan because one of our gang was a Taiwanese. But we haven`t made it yet. All of my gangs missed each other.

There are many things happened after we parted company and came back home.
One of us got married and she is pregnant now. All we got busy with our lives.

My friends have a reunion every year. we will meet again either this coming Saturday. Or,...maybe we won`t because this time some of my friends are too busy with their work.

But, anyway I have been happy for a couple of weeks while I was talking with them via KaKao Talk every night.