Lunch Box

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Oct 18, 2012 19:06
Recently, I take my lunch to the workplace, not everyday tough.

I can make egg roll quite well, so I made it two times.
This time I was planning to make Spam Musubi because it seemed easy
to make. The only ingredients I need were Spam, eggs, steam rice, a couple of sesame leaves and some dried sea weed(김).

But I changed my plan because my mother said the quality of the dried sea weed was not good. The Musubi`s smell would be not good when I open my lunch box if I make it using the dried see weed.

I`m going to the grocery store in minutes to buy some other things but I have
no idea what I will buy this time.
I`m searching the internet to know what other Korean people bring as their lunch.
There are a lot of mouth watering food, which make me fall for them, However, the problem is that I don`t know how to make it or it needs too much time to prepare.

Ummm, maybe, I should make egg rolls again.
I have to go now to go to the grocery store.

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