Kimchi-bokkumbap and Other Possible Ingredients1

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Apr 8, 2012 22:37
I watched a TV documentary about Korean foods.
The purpose of the program was to find a way to make Korean cuisine
more popular with people.

In the programs there were some mouth watering dishes Korean people love such as Bibimbap(mixed rice with vegetable), Tteokbokki(stired rice cake with chilly sauce), Kimchi-bokkumbap(fried rice with Kimchi).

However, I was incredulous it when I watched that a French man made
Kimchi-bokkumbap himself.
The reason why I was because I heard from my friend that some people living other countries don`t like kimchi because of the smell and taste.

The taste of Kimchi is certainly not simple. On the contrary, its taste and flavor are strong when it gets aged. You may not like it. But, ironically, it is the best time for Kimchi-bokkumbap.

In the TV program, the French guy made Kimchi-bokkumbap himself and his ingredients were; Kimchi, sausage and steamed rice. He put sliced sausage into
a pen and fried it for a while and then he put sliced Kimchi to fried too.
After he fried the two ingredients, he put steamed rice into the pen and stirred
it together.