Kimchi-bokkumbap and Other Possible Ingredients2

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Apr 8, 2012 22:36
He appeared he enjoyed making the food.
Interestingly, he put his Kimchi-bbokumbap into zucchinis which were put out
holes in it, and then he sprinkled the grained Parmesan cheese on the top.
He put it into the oven.
Grilled Kimchi-bokkumbap with zucchini, it was a totally new version of
Kimchi-bokkumbap. The french guy created the whole new dish.
The idea out of the brilliant grilled kimchi-bokkumbap was quite impressive.

I also have some fun ideas to make Kimchi-bokkembap.

1. Kimchi with bacon. Fri it together and then put steamed rice into
the pen and combine the whole things and fried it for a while.

2. Kimchi with beef and minced green chilly and spring onion. You can season with a little bit of soy sauce and curry powder instead of salt; It`s my own recipe.

3. Cheese! Sprinkle cheddar or mozzarella on the top. And then bake it in the oven until it melts.

4. Sheet of seaweed: Bake a sheet of seaweed and then make it crumbs. Sprinkle the seaweed crumbs on the top of your Kimchi-bokkumbap.