Besides foreign languages I like psychology.

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Jul 11, 2019 19:25
Besides foreign languages I like psychology. It's so fascinating getting to know new ways to solve problems in our relationships, inside troubles or something else. I think that many problems may be avoided if we know more in this field. It's truly that we have a lot of problems in our relationships with men (and sure they have its with us :-)) in my opinion the best way to fix this problem is so simple. We should talk to each other more and try to listen to. Men and women are so different. We perceive the same information in different ways. Men notice the main details, want to see facts. And we are more emotional, we see sensitive side of this very information. And we should know this rule and try to take it into account while taking with each other. And it is not so bad. We supplement each other, so we need each other. May patience, love and care will be the guide in our lives.