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Oct 21, 2014 21:00
Now , more and more university students complain about they can't find a good job. The reasons that make this situation are these : first , university students cost their most time for their major , when they begin to find a job , they are realize they lack necessary job training . Second , competition among university students is more and more fierce , that make every university student's chance that find a job become smaller and smaller . so , it is highly suggest that university students should try some part-time job to make some job experience .
如今,越来越多的大学生抱怨很难找到好工作。造成这一现象的原因如下:首先,大学生把在校的大多数 时间都用在了专业学科学习上,只有当他们开始找工作的时候,才意识到自己缺乏必要的职业培训。其次,大 学生之间的竞争也越来越激烈,这导致任何一名大学生找到工作的机会都变小了。因此,强烈建议大学生在 课余时间做一些兼职工作,以积累相关的工作经验。
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