The right tense

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Feb 22, 2010 00:30
Could someone put in the correct tense of the verbs, please?

If you go to Australia, perhaps you( to visit) Hahndorf. It is a small town which (to lie) in the hills
east of Adelaide. Once it (to be) just a place where travelers’ horses (to be changed). It got its name
from Captain Hahn, who (to settle) there 80 years ago, with 208 other people who (to emigrate) from
Germany. They built new homes just like the ones which they (to leave) behind them. Today
Hahndorf still (to look) like a German village. Jenny and Henry Korber (to live) in Hahndorf for the
last 26 years. They (to be born) in Germany, but (to emigrate) to Australia shortly after they had
married. When they first arrived, they (to know) almost no English at all. Of course they (to speak)
only German until then! Even now they usually (to talk) to each other in German. But as Jenny says:
"We are Australians. Hahndorf (to become) our home, And we (to stay) here until the end of our days."