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May 20, 2017 01:10


昔の日々に、人は雨のこと考えた時に、宗教的な信念と人間の泣ける能力を連想していたと思います。目が生み出す涙は空から落ちていく雨とちょっと似ているでしょう? 宗教的な人はおそらく彼らの神が泣いていたと思いました。


It's said that when it rains, the world is crying. Have you heard about this? Of course it's just the clouds producing rain, scientifically proven, but I think there's a meaning to the aforementioned statement.

There are three kinds of people who react to rain. The people who find comfort in rain, the people who dislike it, and the people who are indifferent to it. I for one, am one of those people who love rain. Not standing in it and getting soaked of course, but I find comfort in it. It's kind of therapeutic.

I think that in the older days, people connected religious beliefs with our ability to cry when thinking about rain. The tears produced from our eyes are kind of similar to the rain falling from the sky, is it not? Religious people probably thought that their god in the sky was crying.

We still live in a mostly religious world, but atheism and agnosticism (not believing in a god) have become very prevelant in our society. Most people hate rainy days, but not because they think a certain god is crying. It's because your clothes get wet, the weather might be mushy or cold depending on the season, and the rain is uncomfortable in general.

I've had it very rough lately. Thinking about my future, being sick a lot, and going through a horrible breakup. There aren't many things that are able to comfort me with ease, but I can always count on the rain to be there to support me. Strangely enough, it's been raining a lot lately. I am very glad for that.