Can you correct my English?

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Feb 3, 2013 02:08
Rice and vegetables,
Pears and peaches,
Cats and humans,
May all beings
Revive in Fukushima.

I was born in Fukushima in Japan but now I live in Kanagawa. I wrote haiku and gogyoshi about Fukushima. The theme is Fukushima after the explosion of nuclear plants on march 11,2011. Gogyoshi titled "My hometown,Fukushima" has been translated into 17 languages in the world. It will be translated into more languages not to repeat the miserable disasters in the world. I’II donate the money for a fund for Fukushima children so that they can pass their summer vacations in southern islands in Japan, even if I can get some money here. This book has 50 beautiful color photos of Fukushima and other areas in Japan.This book is my message from Japan to all the people in the Globe!