My first English Gogyohka

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Dec 16, 2009 11:48
early one summer morning

no one has arrived yet

at the field by the river

softly I release

my dog from his collar

* This is my first Gogyohka in English. It means five lines poetry
which has no rhyme, no meter. The rule is just writing it in
five -line. The content of Gogyohka is all free. It was created
by Kusakabe Enta, a Japanese poet.Please enjoy it and write
your Gogyohka when you are free. Could you post your
Gogyohka in the comment form of my blog ? I'm looking forward
to seeing it someday. Oh,yes. If you would like to make your
comment about my Gogyohka, please encourage me kindly,
softl y and tenderly.

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