Could you correct my English translation and make more natural , more concise?

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Jul 22, 2012 19:49



After the explosions, many parents and public servants began to clean cesium from the grounds of all preschools, primary schools, and high schools in Fukushima. The residents have been cleaning their gardens and even their trees. Farmers have been sweeping away the cesium from vegetable fields, rice fields and forests for months. Lots of inhabitants have been trying to clean all of Fukushima. But even if inhabitants cleaned the cesium from the fields, new cesium just flew down to the fields from near-by mountains. They had to clean the cesium again and again. Besides, they didn’t know when they could return to their hometown or get new jobs in other towns. Lots of the nuclear disaster problems have not been solved yet. Nevertheless, many, many people from not only Japan but all over countries came to Fukushima as volunteers to help evacuated people. A huge amount of money was donated from all over the world. Fukushima was not alone but had warm bonds
with the Globe.

Rice and vegetables,
pears and peaches,
cats and humans,
may all beings
revive in Fukushima.