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Jul 14, 2012 12:17
"This is a fictional dialogue between Fukushima inhabitant and me."


The salesclerk turned his eyes back from the lake to me
and said aloud.
“ It’s true praying is good, but it’s not enough just to pray for the future health of our children. If we have enough time to pray for them, we should help them practically, we should earn more money and give them food without
cesium so that they don’t contract cancer. If we don’t eat something now, we won’t even live long enough to be able to contract cancer in the future.”
He burst into laughter, bending himself backward. I gave a bitter smile at his jokes and made my point once more.
“ But you should give your children food with low levels of cesium, if you can.”
“ OK ! If I would have to choose between two foods containing cesium, I’d give my children the food with less. We, parents have spent healthy lives for dozens of years but our children have not yet spent anything. Besides, I can’t live a happy life if I’m always afraid of cesium every day. The rest of my life will be unhappy, won’t it ? ”
He grinned ironically. But instantly, he showed a serious side.
“ We, parents have only 20 or 30 years left to live
but our children have 70 or 80 years, Oh, my god ! ”
He was silent for a moment and said to himself quietly.
“ They will have to spend their lives being afraid of cancer as they will have to have cancer checks from their childhood to their deaths. It will give them some sufferings every year. Besides, if they contract cancer, they will suffer much more. I was given a healthy body by my parents and ancestors. But if my children get cancer because of cesium, I must apologize to all my ancestors.”
He gazed at the earth lit by the midsummer sunset for a
while. He lifted his face and said to me while
looking toward the brilliant surface of the lake.
“ Well, I will do it at any rate, you know. I will do what I can for my children rather than ourselves. I will work very hard, I will earn money and I will buy food without cesium and I will give it to my children. Moreover, I will grow vegetables without cesium by any means I can. It’s very, very difficult. But I must do it ! “
“ Good ! But now I’m sorry I have to go home with my
relatives, I’m driving and they are waiting for me. Oh, I’ve forgotten. I’ll take a packet of “ usukawa-manju “ as a souvenir of Fukushima ! ”
He replied with a smile.
“ Oh, thank you. I enjoyed chatting with you. “
“ Me, too ! See you here next summer ! ”
“ Yes, here next summer ! ”

I pass a gift :
the genetic heritage
from my ancestors
to my descendants
through my body.