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Nov 15, 2014 16:37
There is an useful(?) Japanese expression 「おえー!」.

It is actually an onomatopoeia of vomiting. It may sound a little childish but is often used even by grown-ups in a little humorous way to express their feeling when they see or hear something making feel sick or disgusting.

For instance, in a Japanese elementary school, it is quite common that some boy tries to tease his friend saying "Hey, you have a thing to her (the most unpopular girl in the class)." Then, his friend probably replies 「おえー!」. This is a kind of a standard reaction in their age. (*1)

In other occasion, if a boy blurts out that he is still sleeping with his mam in the same futon, his friend may says 「おえー!おまえ、まだおかあさんと一緒に寝てんの?きもちわりー!」.

When a grandfather says to grandson "Oh, you are good boy, let me give you a kiss", his grandson may reply 「おえー!やめてよ、おじいちゃん!」in humorous way (as we don't have a custom to express an affection by kissing to the same gender).

Furthermore, even in the office, when a woman office worker said to her colleague "The human resource manager (unpopular guy) dared to ask me to go out for dinner,
yesterday", then the colleague may reply 「おえー!まじで?」.

In this sense, 「おえー!」is probably the shortest Japanese expression used to express "I am being as disgusted as I am nearly throwing up". The expression is a little out of fashion today, but still people use it.

When I talk to someone in English, if I suddenly said "Puke!" in the same situation, it wouldn't make sense, would it?

I have been wondering if there is any equivalent expression in English?

*1) Sorry, the most unpopular girl in the class. Boys are cruel in their ages.
*2) Sorry, the human resource guy. Girls are cruel in their ages, too.

Please correct my English.







多分、英語で話している時に、突然 "Puke!" なんて言っても、意味不明ですよね。