[Short essay] Does the mass media have a beneficial effect on society?

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Oct 5, 2014 02:28
Not a single day passes without contacting the mass media. They closely related to our daily lives. I believe they have a beneficial effect on society as long as we are conscious on their negative side and relay on the information provided correctly.

Those information provided through the mass media is free of charge in most cases. So, they are available for most people in society regardless their economic status. Educational programs are broadcasted on TV, which often are more practical and informative than what schools provide. People can get themselves exposed in cultural and academic information easily thanks to the mass media.

Also, the mass media play a role in providing latest information on society that its member should share in timely manner such as the information for public safety. Through the mass media, we can view what is happening in our world, from a local traffic jam to world economy.

However, at the same time we should be aware of their potential danger when they are misused in an incorrect way. They could control mind and thoughts of people who easily believe that the information provided through the mass media is the fact and thus reliable. There should be much care in reporting privacy and human rights must be protected.

In addition, the information provided by the mass media is virtually free of charge as mentioned earlier; however, there actually are sponsors behind it to burden its cost. Therefore information directly or even indirectly related to the sponsor might be transformed or distorted in a way. We are required to be capable to judge truth and false when dealing with the mass media.

In conclusion, although they also have a negative side depending on their usage, I believe that the mass media still have a beneficial effect on society. We have to deal with them carefully and correctly to make most out of them.





Note: I wrote the English version, first. This is what I tried to put it in Japanese for your reference only. So, please do not worry about this too much.