[Short essay] Is gender equality always beneficial for the society?

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Sep 10, 2014 01:32
Our society consists of two genders, male and female. Both should be treated equally as a member of the society. In my personal opinion, there shouldn't be gender discrimination, however “differentiation” should be accepted in certain situation. In other words, gender equality is not always beneficial for the society. Following are arguments supporting my idea.
In family, traditionally men have been taking a role of acquiring food outside to feed other members. In old days, they hunt animals, or cultivate edible plants as men were generally superior to women physically. On the other hand, women traditionally have been taking a role of taking care of domestic matter for other members bringing up children, cooking dishes and so forth as they were generally superior to men in the ability to manage home for their family with affection.
In the modern society, as men and women are educated equally, the same opportunities should be given in workforce. However, careers are often determined by his/her aptitude, and gender is often related to the aptitude to certain task. So, it cannot be overlooked.
In conclusion, gender can be taken as personality in certain case, and unnecessarily conscious on gender equality could create some problem. Therefore, I do not think that gender equality is always beneficial for the society.