Cameron’s new boyfriend is Madonna's ex- boyfriend !?

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Apr 16, 2010 16:36

Cameron’s new boyfriend is Madonna's ex- boyfriend !?


Cameron Diaz is now making her new films " Bad Teacher(The original title) " with her ex- boyfriend, Justine Timberlake. It is reported that Justine have provoked his past sweet feelings due to this film making, however, which seems not to be ture.

現在、新作映画「Bad Teacher(原題)」で元恋人ジャスティン・ティンバーレイクと共演中のキャメロン・ディアス。 これがきっかけでジャスティンにすっかり気持ちが戻ってしまったとも報じられているが、どうやらそれは見当違いのようだ。

Because,Cameron is said to go steady with the famous MLB player, Alex Rodriguez, who had previously seen many famous celebrity, such as Madonna and Kate hodson


The Life and Style magazine reported to prove this fact as follow;


Alex surely goes steady with Cameron, They don't admit this fact, however they are always together.


Now, Cameron who are taking her films in LA, and Alex who plays in NY. Do they stand such a long distance in this hot situation ?