もったいない (mottainai)

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Aug 6, 2012 13:58 もったいない
"もったいない" : Although it is useful, leaving as it is or wasting is regrettable.

何という浪費だろう; もったいない. What a waste!
捨ててしまうのはもったいない. It's a pity to waste it.
捨てるのはもったいない It is a waste to throw it away.
君はもったいない金の使い方をする You have a wasteful way of spending money.

Please correct the following sentences.

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This company has trade surplus.
I'll quit in this company.
He has the loyalty to his boss.
I'll pursue my dream.
I commute by train when going to school.
This miss was absurd.
His insult makes her angry.
It is difficult for people to make ends meet.
He talks about her behind her back.
On the contrary!
My boss is an ideal parson.
I'm fed up by his being rude.
He works hard in boss presence.
I pour water in my cup.