Tadaima - Okaeri (ただいま - おかえり)

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Jul 29, 2012 11:08 Japanese study english ただいま おかえり
You can use 'ただいま' when you come back home. You can use 'おかえり' when someone comes back to the house in which you are present.

Mary stay at home.
James come back this home.

James : 「ただいま~」
Mary : 「おかえり^^」

Would you please correct the following sentences?
/* 2012/07/29 No.1636-1675 */

He is unpopular because he is selfish.
he is in debt.
His debt made him selfish and greedy.
It costs $200 altogether.
He has properly skill for his job.
i submitted a thesis two weeks ago.
My test is choking me.

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