Most business people are motivated by only desire for money?

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Oct 21, 2011 22:05
It’s common sense that money is an important impetus in business activities. However, is everyone who is engaged in business area only chasing after the money? The answer is obviously no. Because there are other elements of business except fortune can affect business people’s behaviors and norms.

To begin with, as a part of human, businessmen definitly need living materials besides money as all of us do. In fact, you can name lots of reasons why people are working in business. Some may just intend to realize his/her past generation’s business dream, some may consider business as a fastest way to success, and others may just enjoy the glory to be respected. In short, thousands of people have thousands of answers. Thus, the treasure they will own is just one possible reason not all for them to choose business as their work.

Also, nowadays, our businessmen also have to undertake their responsibilities to our society. Profit is not the only thing they concern, since they also have to obey moral rules and our laws. For example, a druggist should never sell opium, even though he/she could gain a great deal of money from it. Meanwhile, an investor should not never establish a manufactory if he/she has been aware of the considerable pollutions and destruction that may be caused to local environment. Therefore, we know there are also other certain restricts on business to make them consider more about the next step.

Admittedly, it’s true that money is one of the chief aims of all kinds of business activities, whereas, it’s still unwise only to take money into account. For instance, once one of my neighborhoods sacrificed every weekend to engage in business in order to fund his family. Ironically, several years later, it turned out that he found it no sense to do this anymore because he had lost his connection with other members in this family. It is quite usual, in China, especially after the Reform and Opening, that when one is obsessed with treasure, he/she is always blind to the basic truth: Money is nothing but just a tool to attain his/her goal. Actually, we sometimes can feel like posses a great amount of money is becasue of what it could bring to us, such as, sense of belongings, family relationship, frendship, etc.

To sum up, businemen should not take the profit as their only motivation. If some of them do so, it will not only for him to lose a great thing, but harmful to our society.