Do You Need Soil?

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Jun 10, 2011 01:56
"Had you died?" I said.

From about last year, some holes formed in my house side. Although I plugged them up whenever I found it, new holes formed again.
"Damn!" I bought two giant packs of soil. I bought two! I could sure win to holes by that.
Today, I approached to the holes to fill them up, but likely the cause of holes already had been dead.
It was a mouse, although the dead body did not wear red pants and big shoes.
He also might be cute when he was alive, but that time he was nothing but grotesque.

Moving him away was a big work. I planned to grab him, covering my hand with a poly bag as like a glove, but I gave up. Even over a plastic, I don't want to feel his body!
So, first, I covered him with a thick paper. After that, I grabbed him over a poly bag.
Then, the yucky skin tail swung! It nearly touched on me! "Aiiieee!" I screamed more than once.

It was a hideous day...
How should I do the remaining soil of two giant packs...