Red, Blue, Black and Whit

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May 30, 2011 00:54 日本語
I think Japanese language is strange.
For example... could you translate these words to Japanese?
"Red, Blue, Black and White".

Next, these words:
"Red lip, Blue ocean, Black shadow and White beach".

Well, how about these words?
"Yellow and Brown," and "Yellow house and Brown roof".

I translate Red, Blue, Black and White as 赤、青、黒、白.
The Kanji character 黄/茶 has the meaning of yellow/brown by itself, but I translate yellow/brown as 黄色/茶色. I don't know why I do so. Maybe it may because き/ちゃ have other meanings other than colors.

My translation of red lip is 赤い唇, blue ocean is 青い海, black shadow is 黒い影, white beach is 白い砂浜, yellow house is 黄色い家, and brown roof is 茶色い屋根.
I added い to join these colors and the nouns.

Well, how about other colors? For example, green! How will you translate 'Green leaf'? I translate it as 緑の葉 or 緑色の葉. I don't use い. I use の/色の for pink, purple, orange and every color, but I don't use い except red, blue, black, white, yellow and brown.

Why? I don't know! But I've been doing so while I don't know!