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May 8, 2011 03:41
I have never studied English these 2 months.
The disaster and the after quakes and that nuclear plant's problem stole all my concern.
Did you watch Tunami videos? It's terrible!
Everybody just thought that was a pretty strong earthquake so it possibly would bring a bit bigger Tunami than usual. See this videos. They might be thinking so. The wave doesn't look so big at first.

Anyway, there are increase in earthquake in these years. In around the world, volcanoes are getting active. And there was torrential rain and mountain fire in Australia last year. Few days ago, America had awful twister. Moreover Japanese nuclear plants (we have many risky nuclear plants) are still touch-and-go.

Nobody knows whether tomorrow comes or not. I do today what I want to do, and put off till tomorrow what I don't want to do.
That's why I had never studied English these 2 months. LOL
That's joke, though! Maybe!

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