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Mar 14, 2011 20:57
Today, I went to work. Some of my co-worker have their family in the afflicted area. I had been minding that anyhow these days. So I really got relieved when I heard their family survived the Tunami though two co-workers sadly told their family lost their house.

This area I live in has little risk of Tunami. However a string of earthquake this time is giving mighty quakes also around here.
I wrote 'giving', not 'gave'. Because a lot of aftershocks still are happening here, and also the government announced that we still have to care another big afterquake by 17th March.

Many people including me are setting their mobile phone to receive the earthquake alert with strong vibration. It really excites me. And I guess everyone has been nervous these days. Plus, my work place is an old construction and has got damage by the first eathquake. We escaped to outside today again when an alert informed a forecast of earthquake, though there was no serious afterquake around here, for now.

However there are less aftershocks and the scale is getting smaller. I don't feel very scary it now than before.
Thank you for checking my entry, leaving your comment or sending a message for me, or chatting with me when I was feeling lonely at home alone. I really appreciate you!