Visulisation? Prograph? Extropy? Expancy?

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Dec 4, 2010 18:17 translation
There are two videos.

First one is showing where and when the wars happened at in the last thousand years on the world map in 5 minutes. I think this information is not very fair, though.

Another one is showing how much the world living level improved during the last 200 years in 4 minutes.

The man in the 2nd video so clearly pronounces English as even I can understand. So, I tried to write down a bit what the man said:
Visulisation(?) is a raided fort my own work too. I teach prograph(?). And I know, having the day there is not enough. I have to show it like people both enjoy and understand. Now I go to climb to something I'd never downed before, animating data in real space. With a bit technical responses in the clue.
So, here we go. First access to help, life extropy(?) from twenty five years to seventy five years.
And down here, an access to help, income par a person.
Four hundred, four thousand, and forty thousand dollar.
So, down here, is poor and sick.
And up here, rich and healthy.
Now, I’m go to show you the world two hundred years ago, in eighteen ten.
Here over come countries. Europe brown, Asian red, Middle East is green, Africa and Sahara is blue, and the America is yellow.
And the size of the country bubbles shows the size of population.
And in eighteen ten, the pretty cloudy down where wasn’t dead. All countries were set in poor, life expancy(?) on below forty. In all countries. And only UK and Netherlands (???) but not much.