I'd like to be able to read English books more!

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Jun 28, 2012 06:57 Learning English
From I bought Amazon Kindle about 2 years ago, I often feel if I were able to read English more smoothly and effectively.

I bought some books (Kindle Edition). For example,

'Feeling good together'

This author is David.D.Burns who is famous for Cognitive Therapy. He wrote a book of Cognitive Therapy.

'Feeling good'

I had been very impressed and I wanted to next his books and the sequel was only published in English. So I bought it via Amazon Kindle. However, I haven't had reading skill enough to read it smoothly. Then it translated into Japanese and published in February this year. I got frustrated that I couldn't finish reading it before it was published in Japan.

'A Treatise of Human Nature'

When I was a University student, I majored in Philosophy. I mainly majored German Philosophy (such as Kant, Heidegger and so on), as regards England Philosophy, I didn't study deeply. But recently I got interested in a Philosopher David Hume who is 18th England Philosophy.

To my suprise, most of his production are free via Kindle! If I have reading skill, I would read them. I got disappointed.

Provided that All English books will translate into Japanese immidiately, I don't study English so hard. But This assumption is only meaningless. So I continue to study English to broaden my world.

2年前にAmazon Kindleを買ってから、もっと英語がスムーズに読めたらなあと感じることがよくある。

僕はkindle版の本を買った。例えば、Feeling good together。著者のバーンズ博士は認知療法で有名で、認知療法の本も書いている。Feeling good(邦題:いやな気分よ、さようなら)。


他に'A Treatise of Human Nature'(邦題:人間本性論)。僕が大学生だった頃、僕は哲学を専攻していた。中でもカントやハイデガーといったドイツ哲学が主だったが、イギリス哲学に関してはあまり深く勉強しなかった。しかし最近になって18世紀の哲学者、ヒュームに興味を持つようになった。