BBC reports a great big hole to the center of the Earth?

Those explanation how this unusual cloud to grow scientists says is just notyet satisfactory.
Some say it just the margin of a few satellite photographies pieced due to Earth’s rotation around north pole. but I don’t think it likely so.

What is the UFO? I don’t think a UFO is made with nuts & bolts. Let me hear your candid opinion.
I think they’re not ALIENS from outer-space but people from a different dimension or their soul. They must be discarnate.
I think the UFO is the Astral gateway to come and go through the dimensions.
And I think those UFOs, mini gaterways, communicate with a kind of station gateway at the center of the Earth.
And a physical gateway is said to have been there at basement of Potala palace Lhasa, Tibet.
And I think there’s a big station gateway to other dimensions in the center of the earth.
I mean they, called space people, are coming not from outer-space but from the under-world.

Aghart, Shambala which is the name of secret lotus land are described in the Tibetan Buddhist scriptures “Kalacakra Tantra”.

There're some hollow Earth theories by John Cleaves Symmes former army captain, by Leonhard Euler famous mathematician, by Edmond Halley famous astronomer...

These're some pages about the mechanism exposited in Japanese.
despite I've introduced these web page, I'm sorry for my lack of enough ability to translate the articles into Japanese.

I've heard about Brixannia via on Yahoo!Answers. It might be indicated as same objection as Planet Yahweh which's advocated by Akio Asuka, Japanese occult critic, in his author.
He says the Yahweh is at Lagrange point L3, oppositely across the Sun.

masa Feb 19, 2012