With what tool do you study English ?

As the question says it all, I'm kind of anxious to know how you study English so I find the most effective way as well as see if the way I'm adopting right now is good enough.

Watching American TV shows and movies on DVD is I study English chiefly along with, which I'm confident enough to say gives you the chances not only to know live expressions but to catch a glimpse of real life.

Since we are now bombarded with numerous English-learning-Help labeled products here and there, making it so hard for us to select the one you can commit yourself to, I thought it would be good to bounce some ideas off you in here, so I can wean myself off becoming an impulse buyer for English learning books anymore.

I'm so satisfied with those unread books piled up that high.
l_OrangeDrive_l Sep 21, 2008


Sep 22, 2008 Shinn
I'm a native English speaker, but I think that aside from TV shows and movies the best way to learn English is by reading books that are written in English. You will learn a lot if you read a book that has correct English in it. Magazines are good as well. In fact, anything that has written English in it is a good way to improve your skills. The best way to learn is to make sure that you know the words in every sentence and to analyze how it is written. This is how native speakers learn to read: one word at a time.
Sep 22, 2008 l_OrangeDrive_l

Thank you so much for your suggestion. I really apreciate it.

Books and magazines that are written in English. I'm disposed to agree on it.

"This is how native speakers learn to read: one word at a time."
-Can you tell me what kind of books you read when you were young?

Sep 22, 2008 Shinn
Ha ha. "Young"? Well, from elementary school to middle school I read books like "The Cricket in Times Square", "The Westing Game", "From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler", "A Wrinkle in Time", "Wringer", "Z for Zachariah", the Redwall series, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, "Holes", The Tripods trilogy, the Harry Potter series , "Clockwork", "The Giver", a TON of books about sorcerers and magic like the So You Want to Be a Wizard series and The Seventh Tower series and the The Sword of Truth series, the A Series of Unfortunate Events series, the Cirque Du Freak series, the Ender's Game series, etc.

I read mostly science fiction and fantasy books when I was young.
Sep 23, 2008 l_OrangeDrive_l

Thanks for listing up many books. I'm "inclined" to choose one of them, and read it through so I can improve my English. I'm big on Sci-fi too.

Tell you what, the reason why I said "Young" is that I wanted to know the books you used to read in your childhood, since my English is still in its infancy.

Later. OrangeDrive