My bocaburary is so poor. What do you get a bocaburary efficient? I want to know to wide my bocaburary more laxually.(I mean to get bocaburary easily.)
Sep 12, 2008


Sep 13, 2008 skilled interpreter
Hello. Aki -san. You have the same problem as I have. I myself have difficulty in
learning new vocaburaries, but you can widen your scope of vocabularies by using
what you have learned. Talking to people in English, writing what you want to say
in English, listening to English music or going to the movies and reading English
books. I think you can learn more if you connect what you do with your
English study. You can also ask a help for other people. You can receive many
kinds of support from the people of this site. I can't be a help to you, but I only
hope you would read this message. Thank you.
Sep 13, 2008
@skilled interpreter
Thanks! I think to get more vocaburary is difficult...
I try to connect English media and use this site as possible as I can!
Sep 17, 2008 Lucy
Hi.. I've learned English as a second language, so I know how difficult it is, especially vocabulary!! I would suggest memorizing vocabulary IN SENTENCE FORM. That way, you can remember words easier and longer and also you can get an accurate meaning of the words. For example, instead of just memorizing 'eligible', put the word in a sentence like 'I am eligible for the company'. I hope I've been helpful a bit. Have a great day.
Sep 22, 2008
Your studying way is very exciting! My studying way focus on just word's meaning.
I try to memory vocabulary IN SENTENCE FORM!
Oct 5, 2008 Kasui-chan
I've learned English quite easy...

And thats how I've done that:

1) I picked 5 vocabulary every day.

2) I memorized them.

3) I used them in sentences (to help me memorize them).

4) Reapet this every day

And so I learned vocabulary^^.
Oct 10, 2008
Quite easy!
I try to do your method! Thank you!
Oct 16, 2008 skilled interpreter
Only listening and memorizing English vocabularies and grammatical things do not help me enhance my Englsih. Therefore, I need to use what I have learnt and I have just thought of. It is so painful for me to make mistakes in front of people, but I have to take over this difficulty.
Oct 16, 2008 Kasui-chan
We all make mistakes^^ Im always making mistakes in japanese and I am too afraid of talking^^. So you see. We all have the same problem ^^ And we all can help eacht other.
Oct 21, 2008 skilled interpreter
Thank you for your comments. I hope that I can learn from mistakes I have made.
Sometimes I am too scared to speak English. However, not speaking English means that I don't practice English. The less I speak English, the more I forget what I have learned through English and English itself. Thank you for your response.
Nov 12, 2008 zen9751
Dear Aki,
First of all, that you have to know : not only you who have the same problem. I tried to learn new vocabulary (not only vocabulary, but also grammar) with writing mail to other friends who fluently in English. Like I'm doing here.

Notice that we (in Asia) mostly have different grammar structure with English, almost we use our grammar to speak in English.

I really sure, your English more better than mine ^^
Nov 13, 2008 Digger
The other people gave good advice! Only learn 5 new words a day and practice them in sentences. Also--don't be scared! Most Americans only speak 1 Americans will be impressed if you speak 2 languages, even if your second language (English) isn't perfect.