Anki and other spaced repetition programs

Questions/solutions/opinions about spaced repetition programs such as Anki or Supermemo.
酢七面鳥 Jun 22, 2008


Jul 9, 2008 ルーク
There's a good review of Anki/Mnemosyne/SuperMemo on
Jul 9, 2008 Sneaky
I thought that was a pretty weak review.

Basically it comes down to "the Mnemosyne default options best suit my personal tastes, never mind that anki has much better customization"

Anki does have a little bit of a learning curve...there are terms like "facts" "cards" and "models" that are a little confusing at first, but understanding them now, they make the program very powerful.

I have different models for simple vocab, Japanese to Japanese sentences, and multiple choice JLPT questions. This allows me to display these different types of cards perfectly to my tastes.

In his review he also mentions Anki software bugs. But the software now is perfectly stable. The version he reviewed was by far the buggiest version of Anki, but it was fixed very quickly in a subsequent release.

I've used all 3 of the programs, and I think Anki is by far the best.
Jul 10, 2008 酢七面鳥
I agree. ANKI is super powerful, and thus the user base continues to grow. Plus it has integration with an online server, so you can practice on the go if you have an internet connection. There is also an application so you can use anki on your mobile phone. I'm planning to buy an iPhone once I get back to the states, so hopefully the iPhone will play nicely with the online version ;-)
Jul 10, 2008 Emilio
Anki gives some trouble to install on linux.
Because of that I'm using mnemosyne for RTK, who runs ok in both linux and windows.
I plan to use anki for the sentences.
Jul 10, 2008 Sneaky
Anki installs really easily on the newest Ubuntu release. Just get the debian package and install.

But yeah, getting all the required dependancies can be a pain in some distros. Though it's not really Anki's fault if some distros have outdated versions of QT or that certain prereqs are difficult to install from source
Jul 11, 2008 酢七面鳥
I've been using Anki now for about 1 month after switching over from Stackz. Stackz worked well, especially when I needed to study for tests, but doesn't have a good way to manage a lot of material. Now that I'm not really studying just to study, but studying to maintain all the previously input stuff into my brain, ANKI seems like a very nice solution. Does it really help you to keep huge amounts of information in your head?
Jul 11, 2008 Ryan
I know it sounds repetitive at this point but Anki really is my number one tool for vocab, and kanji recognition.

Aug 30, 2008 phew
Anki is a great tool!
I use it for Vietnamese. No problem so far.