Electronic Dictionaries

Questions about electronic dictionaries? Pocket PCs? Palms? Zuarus?

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酢七面鳥 Jun 22, 2008


Jun 22, 2008 Elliott
Nintendo DS and the Japanese Dictionary card are all you need!
See the other thread about learning Kanji games.
Jul 11, 2008 酢七面鳥
I use a pocket PC (Dell x50v) that I installed a Japanese OS onto. I then got EBPocket (an EPWING dictionary reader), a bunch of dictionaries (koujien, eijiro, edict, enamdict, life science terms, sanseido, kanjidic) and use it all the time. The great thing is the handwriting recognition. I still have Stackz on the pocket PC for flashcards... I'm hoping that eventually ANKI will be available for the PPC, but I am not holding my breath.
Jul 12, 2008 Elliott
There is also this for the DS
Aug 16, 2008 Tako-chan
I use JWPce - that's dictionary PLUS a japanese word-processor, and it's "sister-program" JFC (flashcards, you can write them with JWPce and import them in JFC!).
These programs are FREE and absolutely great! You can even download different (and also FREE) dictionaries for it.
And it works even on my mobile phone (using "Windows mobile"), so you can writing a letter in japanese or so on your mobile - and when You don't know an expression you just consult the dictionary built in JWPce! It's quite more convenient than Word or so, which doesn't have that option. I mostly do all the work on my PC and just use the mobile for review. And the dictionary is quite handy on my mobile so I don't hve to take along another PocketPC etc.!
More Info: Just search for JWPce and JFC on Wikipedia, there is also a link!
Nov 25, 2008 Aquedita
I'm such a huge fan of my cute Sharp Papyrus PW-AT760. I love it, don't leave my home without it and can't imagine my life without it ^_^

I hate Casio, can't use it for all the tea in China :P