Is it difficult to read original Harry Potter books?

Hi~ I am Korean who like Harry Potter very much. From when I was an elementary school student, I have liked Harry Potter. And I watched all of the movies~.
The most favorite actor of Harry Potter's actors is Emma Waston(I am not sure of the spelling~ Y.Y) Anyway, I found original Harry Potter books in my school's library and I amazed the size of the book~. In Korea, the Korean versions's size of the book are suitable to carry but the original book is very thick. If I have enough time to read it, I will read all episodes of the book.
kang2541 Mar 21, 2010


Apr 29, 2010 veravera
i like Emma too!she is gorgeous~
Apr 29, 2010
of course, the Original books are a little thick.
Did you find a hard cover book? ( I don't know it is called in foreign country.)
A hard cover book has hard book jacket.
If you had found it, you should find pocket edition.

Pocket editions are called Paper back. and it has a soft book jacket.
I think you can take it outside.
Please find it.