Do you want Korean language?

한국말을 배우고 싶으세요?^^
Do you want to learn Korean?

저는 영어를 좋아해요.
I like to study English

서로 도움이 되었으면 좋겠네요.
I want us to help to each other.

물론 아무나 환영이에요~
Needless today, I'm welcome anybodyelse~~~
Jools Mar 17, 2010


Mar 17, 2010 Jools
No topic.~
If I get other people joining us,
I will start to give a topic.
Dec 16, 2010 CJ
Yes i would love to study korean with you and we could study together
Dec 21, 2010
Hi, hope we could be of any help to each other. I want to learn Korean. ^^
Dec 22, 2010
I want to learn Korean as well!!! I can help you with English if you want. I'm fluent in English and live in the USA
Dec 24, 2010 sunday3pm
i was in SF 5years ago for a month..... i still can remenber the beautiful scenery and nice people over there.. is there anyone who lives in SF??
Jan 8, 2011 Zephey
I can help you with your English if you want. I really want to learn Korean.
Jan 18, 2011 Nini
I will help you with English if you will help with Korean ^^
I have Skype, Email, MSN, Facebook...just message me!
Jan 18, 2011 버스를 기다리는 나무
전 한국어를 많이 잘하고 싶어요.
하지만 저 영어 실력은 좋지 않아요.
그런도 괂잖아요???
Apr 5, 2011 Rou
I'd be happy to help with English. It's important for you to know that if you translate what I write to you, this would help me learn much more effectively! I have a question. Is it true that Chinese characters are a part of written Korean?
Jul 23, 2011 Jekk
Hi i can speak english and willing to help those who want to learn, but since its not my first language its not perfect but it isnt bad either. i want to learn to Korean too. You can teach me in hangul cause i can read it :) Thank you guys.