Hi everybody?

I'm Korean people..

I can not speak English well..;;; ^^;;.

But i want to be a friend.....^__^'
stella Jan 13, 2010


Jan 13, 2010 cibernetico
My name is Rigo.
I would like to speak English
Now, i m studying in BCC NY..
Jan 16, 2010 Pecha
Hi, lets make friends :)
Jan 16, 2010 KJ
Hi, i'm Korean.
My name is kyoung-jin
I live in Busan
Have a good time !! ^^
Jan 21, 2010 kuku
hi there,I'm chinese.
my name is kujwasky,you can call me kuku
I live in beijing
have a good time.

BTW,maybe we need a topic to introduce ourself?

such as which thing make you happy even you feel very sad?

I like cartoon,when I feel very upset,I draw,and look the people do so many silly thing on paper,it's make me laugh. have a try...