New Message

In the English system, when someone has a new message, the 'Home' page displays this alert:

* 1 new message, you've got!

I propose that this be changed to:

* You have 1 new message!
lau777 Mar 21, 2008


Mar 21, 2008 Fox
Mar 21, 2008 koan
Erm, because it's grammatically correct and
"1 new message, you've got!" is incorrect.
Mar 23, 2008 Sahar (이단비)
Mar 23, 2008 Roxine
Haha, each time I have a message, it reminds me a bit Yoda from Star Wars, it's cute :D
Mar 23, 2008 Gacch
And funny you should say that because Yoda was actually based on a Japanese mountain wizard... (仙人) That's wahy he speaks in Japanese word order. When 900 years you become look as good you will not.
Mar 23, 2008 Roxine
Haha, really? Awesome, thanks!