How do you like Lang-8? Please help my research!

Hello. I am new here. Nice to meet you!

I am studying English and Chinese. I love languages. Also I am studying teaching Japanese as a second language. My research topic is studying Japanese by E-learning.

So, I have questions about this E-learning system, Lang-8. I hope everyone would help me! Thank you.

1. How do you like Lang-8? Which function is the best? Which function is not good?
2. Which function do you use most? Why?
3. How often do you use?
4. Do you think Lang-8 help you to improve your learning language?
5. Do you use other E-learning websites?

Thank you very much. Any other comments are very welcome!
Hope you can learn language well. If you would like to do exchange learning, please let me know!
Soranokanata Oct 9, 2009


Dec 8, 2009 Jinne
1. I like Lang-8 very much. I think journal writing is the best. And I think there's no bad function.
2. jounal wrting. Well, I like it and it's the easiest function, I guess.
3. If I have time to visit.
4. Well, I'm a beginner so I don't know but it's certain that I'm very joyful when I visit here. I can meet other foreigners and friends.
5. Polyglot(I'm not sure with spelling.)

I want my answers to help your reserch.